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AUGUST 23, 2017

C&C - Under hood: Cars & Coffee Austria

September 16th will be indeed a busy day for Cars & Coffee, the first C&C London and Salzburg in Austria that will be hosting an official event for the first time thanks to the hard work and passion of Matthias Mauritz and the Kaffee und Kurven team who joined the Cars & Coffee international family at the beginning of the summer.
Matthias (above, holding the Kaffee und Kurven logo during Brescia 2017) is an experienced event organizer and a curious car enthusiast, a perfect match for successful C&Cs.

Why did you join C&C? Have you ever been to other C&C events?
The idea to join C&C came with my visit of Cars & Coffee Brescia in 2016. The event simply pushed car events to a totally different level. I’ve been dealing with car-related events as a hobby for 15 years now and after a few hours at the event in Brescia my thoughts were all about how to do something like that near our home, too.
Of course, we visited that event in 2017, but with a much bigger group of people: With Kaffee & Kurven we brought 15 cars from Germany down to this stunning season-opener and, well, we are all very proud to be hosting the very first Cars & Coffee Austria in Salzburg.

What do you think makes C&C stand out from other events?
C&C events are role models for the pure sport-cars lifestyle. It’s not a matter of driving very fast or trying to show off as much as you can, it’s all about the elegance and beauty the C&C dreamcars are bringing with them. Amazing vehicles, stunning locations and the most relaxed vibes you can ever get at gathering of car-owners. Furthermore, it’s that kind of event, where not only the pure petrol heads / car guys feel comfortable, but also the places where you can easily talk with friends and have a relaxed short trip.

What do you think of the C&C project and how it is developing?
You can really feel that, on the one hand, there is a very very professional group of people behind the worldwide movement, which is the only way run this project in the right direction. On the other, you can still feel the pure passion and enthusiasm behind this team. This makes you aware that it‘s not just a business-idea or a job, it’s living the passion and doing what you love and this is the cornerstone for long term success.
Definitely this is one of the main reasons why so many countries from all over the world have been joining. The growth worldwide both for the fame and for the number of events/member-countries cannot compare to any car related events at all. I’m really happy and proud to be part of this “family”.


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