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JUNE 21, 2017

C&C Under the Hood: Cars & Coffee South Africa

Cars & Coffee South Africa from the start has been one of the most active chapters in the C&C global network, organizing highly successful private and public events. This was made possibile by the passion of the local organizers, we reached out to Ish Kaskar who in 2015 had already started Last Lion Lifestyle, a supercar community with a vision strikingly similar to Cars and Coffee’s: To create a scalable global platform that could connect supercar owners to inspire, motivate & mentor the youth and instill confidence for them to pursue their dreams by self development.

Why did you decide to join Cars &Coffee?
We had been creating events and Supercar experiences in South Africa under the brand “Last Lion Lifestyle” since 2015, over the past two years, the Global Supercar enthusiast/interest groups/community has become more accessible to one another thanks to the likes of Instagram & Facebook, though these channels we started noticing C&C and the common visioni t had with LLL. Many synergies existed between the two brands: nothing better than collaborating to strengthen both brands within the South African region.

We met in Brescia this year, what did you think of your first hand experience of a C&C event?
I was invited to C&C Brescia in April and was amazed by the experience! I felt at home with the warm hospitality and being surrounded by like-minded people. The cars were mind-blowing as well – a turnout of over 300 amazing machines ranging from Bugattis, Paganis, Porsche CGTs & 918s and a number of other exotic cars that we do not get in South Africa.

And what do you think makes a C&C event stand out?
All C&C events adhere to a global standard which contains some of these ingredients: the best machines, meeting like-minded individuals, beautiful scenic locations & being part of a Global supercar owner/enthusiast community and, of course, we all crave a cup of amazing coffee.

Now that you have organized a few very successful events, do you have a defined idea of the C&C project and how it is developing?
C&C is making the world smaller for every car enthusiast, the website is the perfect central hub where to be updated and have a clear image of what all of us organizers are doing all around the world. Plus, we can now plan our vacations around events on the other side of the world and share our passion everywhere!

Pictured above, at the center, Ish Kaskar and Francesco Canta, Cars & Coffee President, along with members of the Cars & Coffee global team.


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