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JUNE 08, 2017

C&C - Under The Hood: Cars & Coffee Frankfurt/Main area

After the great success of the first official Frankfurt Cars & Coffee of May 2016, with over 800 enthusiasts and 140 cars participating, on the 1st of July another stunning event is planned to take place in Wiesbaden.
We reached out to Peter Van Dongen, official organizer of C&C for Frankfurt/Main area to let him explain in his own word show and why he chose to become part of Cars & Coffee international.

«After we heard the rumors that car enthusiasts from Frankfurt/Main wanted to have a Cars & Coffee in their area, we took this exciting chance and brought it to them. We organized a couple of gatherings but then we were contacted by the Cars & Coffee team to become official partners. This was a chance we couldn’t let go and we took this opportunity to be part of this family

Peter, what do you think makes C&C stand out from other events? 
The main difference for us is that it is organized for car enthusiasts by car enthusiasts. Everyone, whether they are small or already grown up, can be part of this gathering and enjoy the pleasure of having that one special car - whether it is from ownership or that it visits your city. Another main characteristic of Cars & Coffee is that, no matter where you are in the world, you have the possibility to enjoy the same set up. We think it is important to have one strong brand name so people know what to expect and not always have to take the ‘risk’ the participation to an event. Cars & Coffee events are not only meetings for people with expensive cars who want to show off. No, Cars & Coffee is an event for everyone. It is for the kids who play with their toy cars and dream to own one later, for the photographer that chase their favorite supercar and for the older kids which already own them.

You are going to hold the second official event in less than a month, how do you sense Cars & Coffee is developing?
In the beginning, Cars & Coffee events popped up all over the world, but it was not clear what they wanted to be, if they wanted to focus on special locations or the local parking lot or even something else.
Ever Since the brand name Cars & Coffee was registered, it all got the same shape: exclusive car events with stunning locations and gatherings where the focus was on both owners and guests. We expect some great things from Cars & Coffee in the upcoming years and hope to be part of this family for a long time.

Peter Van Dongen joined C&C in 2016, he is a long time car enthusiast and Ride Along events organizer.


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