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AUGUST 25, 2017

C&C - Under hood:
Cars & Coffee Romania

Alex Arhire and Luigi Lungu are two young and passionate petrolheads from Romania, since July 2017, if you happened to be in Brasov, Romania (in the whole country to tell the truth) you sure have encountered a the black 4-wheeler (above between Alex and Luigi) emblem of their joining the Cars & Coffee Family. Talking with them, it is quite obvious that they come to C&C prepared, they spent a year closely looking at how C&C works and what it is: «We were both raised among cars and motorsport – says Alex – so we decided after finishing our bachelor to start organizing a C&C event in Romania; I was constantly thinking about this idea, so much that it also became my bachelor paper theme»

You have given this new adventure some thinking...
Being authentic petrolheads we both want to create a community of people who love cars. We feel we share Cars & Coffee values so we thought it would be a great oppurtunity to bring the world’s largest car phenomenon to Romania. We want to offer to passionate people the framework where they can express and share their passion with like-minded people. The mix between friendly and classy event, open for car owners and for car enthusiasts alike gives the chance to create an amazing community and after all, this is our purpose.

What do you think makes C&C stand out from other events?
Most events are about proving something, selling products, attracting new customers. Cars & Coffee is about creating a community based on the passion for cars. Everywhere you look people seems to be thinking about how to grow and develop, create new products and then try so hard to sell them, but what they forget is that people will always be the ones who can make a change.
Cars & Coffee creates an event for people in order to change their environment, to help them find other people that share the same passion and this is what makes it stand out from other events.

What do you think of the C&C project and how it is developing?
C&C has grown noticeably in the last years spreading their passion and professionalism all over the world and it will surely grow even more. The way it is developing makes it special. As I said before, Cars & Coffee cares about creating and growing a community and this is why the concept has become famous. I think projects like this, which have a well-established vision and try to transmit it to as many people as possible, have a lot of potential and will always make the difference.

We’re looking forward C&C Romania’s first event, in the meantime be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest news, they have plenty of ideas, just like this one.



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